Sustainability by Design:
A Design Vision for a Sustainable Region of 4 Million

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" 150 km of track, trains for price of new bridge: Study "
By Kent Spencer, The Province
The Province, April 9, 2009
" Spending $3 billion on a new Port Mann Bridge makes no sense when a light-rail network could be built at the same cost, say rail advocates. "
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"Not all transit make sense"
By Bob Ransford
The Vancouver Sun, June 14, 2008
Referencing the new SxD research bulletin, this column outlines the efficiency of a streetcar system as compared with SkyTrain, with an example from Richmond.
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"Skytrain Billions Better Spent on Trams: Study"
By David Beers
The Tyee, June 5, 2008
A front page article in the Tyee showcases the new research bulletin which demonstrates that the entire 175 km historic Vancouver streetcar route can be re-built with the amount proposed for a single 12 km SkyTrain subway line.
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"Sustainability by Design 2007 to 2010: A Project of UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture's Design Centre for Sustainability "
Submitted by Sara Muir Owen and Sara Fryer based on the Sustainability by Design 2.0: 2007 to 2010 Project Brief prepared by Patrick M.Condon and Jackie Teed
Sitelines, October 2007
The bimonthly publication of the British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects (BCSLA) includes a two page article featuring the next steps of Sustainability by Design for the 2007-2010 period. Pages 10-11

"Super Saturday: Building Pros Come Together"
By Judy Lord
Landscapes Paysages, Fall 2006, Vol.8/No.4
A two page article on the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects' magazine describes the different Super Saturday events before the World Urban Forum. About the regional charrette: This is a phenomenal tool. This is integrated planning in its rawest form. Pages 34-35

Editorial Cartoon Vancouver Sun, June 20, 2006

"Planners wonder: What if two million people moved in?"
By Frances Bula
Vancouver Sun, June 19, 2006
A front page article on the Vancouver Sun describes the six hour long regional charrette held on June 17th, 'Super Saturday'. A massive imaginary planning exercise.

"A blueprint for urban change"
By Larry Pynn
Vancouver Sun, May 7, 2006
Larry Pynn's article introduces the regional charrette taking place on June 17. A warm-up event before the UN's World Urban Forum will study ways of keeping Greater Vancouver livable as it grows.

"Visualizing 2050"
in 'Greenies' get abundance of food for thought
By Kim Davis
Vancouver Sun, March 25, 2006
Sun Columnist Kim Davis describes the GVRD Mosaic map, a snapshot of what Greater Vancouver might look like in 2050, when its population doubles to 4 million people.

"Asking the tough regional questions"
By Bob Ransford
Vancouver Sun, Feb. 18, 2006
Bob Ransford's column in the Vancouver Sun introduces the Sustainability by Design project (SxD).

"Architects map city's future"
By William Boei
Vancouver Sun, Dec. 27, 2005
Two page feature article in the Vancouver Sun spotlights the way graduate students envision communities becoming more complete as the green zone is protected and alternatives to the car are presented.

"Our next great city arrives"
By Patrick M. Condon
Commentary, The Georgia Straight, Nov. 24, 2005